LAPD: No New Truck for Women We Shot At

The newspaper delivery women whose truck was pierced by 102 bullet holes as they were being shot at by the police will not get a new truck, say the LA Police, who had originally promised them a new truck.  The shooting was a case of “mistaken identity,” the department says, a 71-year-old woman and her daughter evidently being mistaken for 33-year-old Chris Dorner.

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  • Anonymous

    with the settlement they get in the coming lawsuit, they’ll be able to buy a fleet of new trucks if they want. Too bad the citizens of LA and CA in general will end up paying for that settlement.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel bad for the citizens, in my view they are all complicit by their apathy.

    What needs to happen when the lawsuit is won is that the state/city bureaucrats should knock on every citizens’ doors (forget letters) and be “asked” to cough-up their percentage of the lawsuit’s million dollar settlement. Now that would really make people “care.”

    I am willing to bet that a high percentage of those citizens would be like “Dorner? When did that happen? Where was I?”

  • Anonymous

    Here in the greater L.A. area there seems to be no public outrage over this shooting, or the attempted shooting of another innocent citizen which occurred during the Dorner manhunt. Even the local “Republican libertarian” radio guy (whose name begins with Larry and ends with Elder) has nothing but praise for our trigger happy men in blue. Incredible. If I hadn’t already given up on this idiots Republic I would surely be driven to despair of it now.

  • plenarchist

    The cops who shot at the women are probably kicking themselves they didn’t kill at least one of them. The prize for killing a mundane is a couple weeks paid administrative leave, right?

    Maybe since it was LA, the presstitutes could have shoved a microphone in the cop’s face and asked, “What are you going to do next?” So he could reply, “I’m goin’ to Disneyland!”

    Maybe there could be mundane-shooting sponsors – “Hunger Games”-like only the “tributes” get no chance to defend themselves. Officer safety does come first after all.

    Here are some LA cops on administrative leave after shooting a few mundanes…

  • Luke Sunderland

    How exactly do you “mistake” two people for one? Did they think something like – “Hey look, those two over there must be the person we’re looking for!”?

  • Anonymous

    They’re cops. A doughnut high, perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    It happens because most of the state is disarmed. If cops in Texas went on a shooting rampage, you can bet your butts they’d get some returned fire.