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Just What We Need Now

25th November 2012      by: Tom Woods     

Politico’s headline: “A New Bush Rises.”

Unlearn the Propaganda!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    So far Crime pays until we change that.

  • http://twitter.com/tomesnyder Tom E. Snyder

    I will never, ever vote again for anyone named Bush or related to that … family.

  • Anonymous

    Jesse Jackson has said exactly one intelligent thing in his entire life and it goes like this- “Stay out da Bushes!”

  • Anonymous

    I guess Republicans are just not interested in winning anymore. I guess it could end up being Bush vs Clinton in 2016? Gold help this nation!

  • Redman

    Genghis Bush rides again! Maybe??

  • Jeremy

    “A New Bush Arises”

    Ugh! Gag me with a spoon!

  • Pat

    Still trying to get an education at 70, I began a book about the Celts. All I could think was Geo Bush; those awful Celts have decendents. I felt so ashamed and wished I were espanic and put the book down. Many Celts have not changed.

  • Chris

    I know, they even say that he might be the best of the them all;but even if true, after the last 2, who on earth would be willing to try the 3rd. Not to mention the fact that beating the last two would be an unbelievable low mark tó try to match.

  • anon

    Wonder if Rand Paul will get all oogly eyed and fully endorse bush as he did romney, as romney has the same staff/advisors as bush did and of course we should know and assume those same advisors/staf will be behind jeb bush.

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