Iowa GOP Remains in Paulian Hands; Old Guard Tries to Starve It of Cash

Congratulations to A.J. Spiker, Ron Paul’s former Iowa Co-Chairman, on being re-elected State Chairman for the Republican Party of Iowa. Congratulations, too, to David Fischer, also Ron Paul’s former Iowa Co-Chairman, on being elected Republican State Party Co-Chairman.

I know both A.J. and David and they enjoy my full confidence. They’ve already done great work. Who would have guessed, years ago, that such a thing would even be possible?

One of A.J.’s early decisions was to bring on Steve Bierfeldt to serve as Executive Director of the party. Steve is one of the most honorable people I’ve had the privilege to know. He is a person of tremendous capability and moral character. I would want him involved in any major endeavor of mine, so A.J. certainly has good judgment.

The so-called “moderates” in the Party — in other words, the people who favor intervention both at home and abroad — are up in arms, naturally, and are pledging to shut down the party apparatus and “get rid of these Paul people,” by refusing to donate money and encouraging others to stop donating as well.

They’re livid, in other words. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch. The whole state party is in the hands of people who supported the one decent man on the ballot in 2012.

If you’re so inclined, I’m sure they could use your help.

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  • Laura

    This is truly wonderful. IF ONLY the Presidential election had been conducted in a fair square manner. IF ONLY the GOP had not been filled with such vitriolic hatred of Dr. Paul. IF ONLY the GOP and the elites who controlled the Media had not cheated and continuously demeaned Dr. Paul. IF ONLY….ah yes, if only there were honest and honorable men, as honorable as Dr. Paul…I can dream, can’t I? Tom Woods, you are our second hero, like Dr. Ron Paul. I wish things were different in this culture, but alas, America is on a mammoth decline of her morals, her values, and yes, her identity, unlike anything we have ever seen before in her short history. Ever wonder why our Founding Fathers were so incredibly intelligent, learned men, and why our children today look so UNintelligent and distant morally from our Christian values, and why there is an over-obsession with trinkets, Ipads, Iphones, pc’s, as we have no compass on what the term moderation means anymore? I feel sad now for America. She is foundering, truly, she is foundering.

  • Jeremy

    Could those statist warmongers be any more obvious? At least the Paul supporters have so far prevailed.

  • Pastor KoRect

    Of course, the big government war-mongers will stop supporting opponents of thier ideas. Our task is to quit relying on their bribes the same way that a welfare benefactor must be weaned before being any value for society.

  • anon

    It will be interesting to see if they can accomplish anything in the republican party.

    Republican party, regardless of tea party or anyelse faction, is ruled exclusively by the republican shadow leadership of people like rove, bush family, and who knows whoelse. Palin recommended that tea party folks join the republican leadership, but to date no tea partiers have been allowed into leadership. So, even as Iowa chairs I don’t think they would have much influence on the party. One state out of 50 will not gain much.

    I still pin all hopes on a 3rd party. You can attempt to do all you can to the republican party, but it is tightly controlled by that shadow leadership and they have everything cornered.

  • dennis

    It seems to me that parties are “ruled” from multiple points, one is the county level where local officials like county recorders and district attorneys serve as important party functionaries. Another important point of “leadership” is the world of think tanks, where our bad ideas originate and arguments for them are proffered. My guess would be that Heritage Foundation and AEI scholars have a lot more say in the policy prescriptions and day to day functioning of the party than a cabal of shadowy plutocrats.

  • anon

    Top-down control/centralization is the only way both parties -dems/repub operate. And hence, they maintain central control of everything. So, you see dems and repubs voting alike. You might as well have boehner as one vote to count for all repub and pelosi or reid as one vote to vote for all democrats. Top-down methodology is their method of operation versus a free flow of ideas from “multiple points”. That is how we get to over $100 trillion in real debt. “multiple points” exists as move towards a true republic or democracy.

    I don’t know how you can say county recorders/DAs serve any impt function other than executing admin work or orders that are given from the top.

    Think tanks provide policy prescriptions as once again ordered from the top – like cfr, etc.. “Cabal of shadowy plutocrats” are ones in key organizations that provide orders of what gets researched, what to say in public, etc.. and also control other think tanks like heritage foundation.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t ever lay down again, we can’t afford to fall asleep again and lose all of our accomplishments towards the goals of liberty and prosperity. There will always be a fight against us around the corner, we have the putrid establishment running scared. Continue to educate friends and family and stay involved!

    P.S. Try and get third party ballot access anyways we can across the country. That’s how we can start turning the tide.

  • Vote Real – Vote Paul

    ‘Dear Tom Woods, Recently the Iowa GOP had the chance
    to be the deciding factor in challenging the RNC status quo by
    supporting Mark Willis for chair instead of Reince Priebus. Considering
    everything that took place throughout the primary & at the
    convention; I find it odd that the Iowa GOP/”RP Supporters” wouldn’t
    gleefully be the 3rd state needed for Mr. Willis to contend (even if
    symbolic only). What is your take on this situation? Party over
    principles? Is this a Rand/Romney moment for liberty?’

    It’s been 2 months since I initially asked this question & have yet to
    get a response from you. There is really no need to respond now (not
    like you would anyway); the lack of response has made your stance clear
    enough. Sorry to say it seems you’ve changed from this interview, “Rand
    Paul Endorses Romney- Voting For Robots- True Patriots For Ron Paul”…,
    this video made me a Tom Woods fan. Now I doubt I would come to your
    event even if I was paid too. Thanks for avoiding my questions. It’s
    business as usual in the GOP’s ‘big tent’; and it seems there is no need
    for true patriots…., unless they need a vote or funding. ~