Insane Idiots Won’t Ruin My Fun

I am thrilled to be going to see Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson perform Thick as a Brick, along with the 2012 sequel Thick as a Brick 2, in Kansas City tomorrow (Saturday). And here’s a neat twist: Tull’s management liked my review of Ian’s show in Chicago last year, so they’re giving me aftershow passes!

Here is the truly unbelievable part, though. The lunatics at Westboro Baptist Church are planning to protest the concert! This is because Ian was married to another woman before his present wife, to whom he has been married for 37 years. In other words, the Westboro Baptist people must think, contrary to what they constantly tell us, that the world is in pretty good shape after all — if this is the worst thing they can think of, so bad that they feel compelled to protest it, things must be getting a lot better.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for putting Westboro in their place. I have actually spoken to a Catholic who defends their insane and twisted biblical interpretations. In fact Tom, I watched a video not long ago, claiming that it’s wrong to listen to heavy metal music. I can’t tolerate this nonsense. There is quite a substantial contingent who think like this, rather than defending the thomistic point of view.
    Enjoy your night!

  • Jeremy

    Well TW, the ‘lunatics’ at WBC are simply following the “word of god” contained w/i the bible which your own church uses as the basis for its existence.

    The fact is that these ‘lunatics’ are more closely following the rules set down in the book which YOUR faith is based on TW.

  • Richard Schwarz

    Hope you have a great time at the Tull show. Must check their itinerary and see if they’re playing near Philly. I saw McCartney last night in DC and he totally blew me away. Incredible. And while I was never that much of a McCartney fan, he put on a ridiculously entertaining and stunning show. Great band too.

  • Tom Woods

    I’ve seen McCartney live as well, and I agree with you: while I like him, I’m not crazy for him. But the show was unbelievable.