HuffPo: You’ll Hate the People We Tell You to Hate

I’ve been hearing that Huffington Post is now refusing to allow pro-Paul comments on its many articles attacking him. Other people are noticing this as well. And heaven knows there are plenty of articles that need correcting; just the other day I corrected a guy who tried to claim ending the Fed would help the ultra-rich and hurt everyone else. It never occurred to him to ask why, if that’s true, the ultra-rich do not advocate abolishing the Fed.

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  • Dither

    I can tell you from firsthand experience that HuffPo has been censoring comments for some time now. Typically, they will allow mindlessly partisan Republican comments, silly attacks, ad hominems and whatnot. What they block are substantive, reasoned arguments that destroy the premises of HuffPo’s authors.

    If you read their posting rules, they prohibit “conspiracy theories,” which, of course, gives them cover to block out all unconventional ideas/opinions.

  • George

    I have experienced this first hand and it speaks to their lack of credibility. “Freedom of speech and Freedom of the press – so long as it is us doing the speaking and printing!”

  • A Country Farmer

    I used to like to read HuffPo just to get the other side, but this kills that for me. Anybody know of a good alternative?

  • Julie Benincasa

    Boycott them. Why give them traffic  when they won’t allow pro Paul comments to counter their  attack?

  • Economics101 is a great site for real news

  • Libertylover69

    Pretty simple question, Tom. A 5th grader would ask, I think.

  • Turf Talk

    Judging by a brief review of their board, they allow the non-stop use of personal attacks, name calling and ad hominem attacks.  As long as they are directed towards Ron Paul and his supporters.

  • jaffi411

    If you want a site for reading the “other side”, try Alternet.  I must warn you, you might find yourself screaming at your computer screen in a roaring rage.  

  • Bob Farkas

    Tom, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been trying to correct them as well.

    It’s sad. Reading the comments, there’s a lot of brainwashed people that post there. After reading their comments, its obviously that they never researched Ron Paul at all – they are basically just spitting out random talking points told to them hundreds of times.


  • Complexphenom

    It’s no use Tom. They don’t get common sense or logic over there at HuffPo.

  • The Kingfish

    Aside from the hyperbole and conspiracy-mongering, yes, it is!!

  • Mike

    “Sigh…It’s just depressing sometimes. You’d think given how easy the truth is… like how logical it is… and how easy it is to understand now given how bad everything is… and they still don’t get it.”

    Ther’es a good reason Tom Woods and Bob Murphy creates the video “Interview With a Zombie”.

  • Bob Farkas

    They are just as bad, but from the opposite side. Alex doesn’t give evidence and facts for tons of the things he says. If you’re “just listening” and not thinking actively, you may very well “learn” things that are not true. It’s actually a very dangerous thing to expose yourself to.

    Being a studier of Ayn Rand and very good at logic, I can pinpoint all sorts of problems with the stuff he says. As an exercise, make a list of questions you would like answers for given the topic of discussion… and then see if Alex asks those same questions. You’ll see he doesn’t ask most of them.

    For example, he’ll say Perry went to bilderberg group, but he makes the assumption that because he attended a bilderberg meeting that Perry must be “their candidate”. Other possibilities could have happened though. For example, maybe the bilderberger’s were really unimpressed with him and discovered he was an idiot, and decided to back Romney instead. It’s a possibility, but Alex never considers it. Without any evidence, he was shoving his audience with the idea that “Perry is the NWO’s pick for president. It was in the works for years!” Yeah right…

    Even analyzing his “facts” about Perry at the time he was surging, you’ll find about 20 unanswered questions and “facts” that are actually not facts at all. Once you get good at it, you’ll realize a lot of what he says is just speculation.

    If you want real facts and news, listen to Tom Woods.

  • Cloakmanor

    No thank you. My blood pressure is high enough already. Also I don’t like having my brain cells destroyed by endless and mind numbing stupidity.

  • Truthstandsouts

    Allowing so many hate-filled posts and all the ad hominem attacks, along with not approving pro-Ron Paul comments, will bring them down. HuffPo is getting a reputation bc of this.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not only that they never researched Ron Paul, but even if you give them links to articles that contradict the lies they are repeating, they absolutely refuse to follow the link, they’d rather keep their uninformed opinion than have it challenged, they’d rather spew the lies than see the truth for themselves.

  • Duane Horton II

    The reason more people can’ t do what you did is because they DON’T want to know the truth. That would shatter their whole world-view and most people are too lazy and weak-willed to be willing to have that happen in the pursuit of truth and knowledge. To (most of) them logic is a BAD thing. Or at least that’s what it seems they think based on their actions. People DEFINITELY do NOT want to be rational. They’re too busy being sheeple. :P

  • carlc55

    I agree that Infowars is a questionable source of hard news. It is definitely an opinion site (whether it claims that or not). Still, when used with a grain of salt Alex does have some interesting 
    takes on things. And some of the stuff he presents is documented.

  • BettyLiberty,, and it’s sad as hell, but you’ll get more unbiased truth from al Jazeera, and Russia Today

  • Bob Farkas

    Exactly. I’ve noticed this so many times too. It’s like they want to stay ignorant. I guess they can’t handle the truth? They don’t want their world being flipped upside down? It’s so baffling to me because I am not this way 99.9% of the time. Even when I am most stubborn, I am still someone people can debate with. I will always accept a debate about any subject.

  • Bob Farkas

    That’s my real issue with it. I would bet that most of his listeners don’t think of his site like an opinion site… which basically makes a large chunk of his audience no better than the mindless drones watching Fox News or reading the Huffington Post.

    When someone is asking for alternative sources of “news”, we definitely should NOT send them to infowars. Such a dangerous place. Anything is dangerous if its not backed up with logic and facts.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so I’m not going crazy.  I could have sworn this was happening over at HuffPo, but I figured it was just me having a technical problem or something.

  • Bob Farkas

    It’s hard for me to empathize because it’s obvious that we are currently in the minority. I know I am anyway. I am actually not surprised at the comments on Huffington Post actually, but at the same time, I am surprised.

    I am nothing like the people who post hateful and incorrect things about Ron Paul on the Huffington Post, so I can’t empathize with them at all. I don’t know how their brain does what it does. Even when I didn’t know anything about Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, etc., I wouldn’t post what they did unless I had proof that it was true. I would likely just stay out of it.

  • Anonymous

    try, definately and

  • Anonymous

    Alex is a bit too cozy with Israel for my liking

  • Bob Farkas

    I think so too. I don’t have any evidence to say for certain, but there’s enough evidence to make it a possibility that he won’t attack the Jewish mafia, aipac and things of that nature.

  • jaffi411

    I usually only go there for a laugh…  Sometimes they’re even funnier than ‘The Onion’, though I don’t think that that was their intention.

  • Anonymous

    The most frustrating thing to me isn’t the way they’re treating Ron Paul which is expected, it’s the way that some people are rushing to the defense of the Federal Reserve and acting as if savaging the Fed is some sort of an assault on poor people. The mind does boggle at this kind of claim.

  • Aloha Analytics

    Should be calling them the PuffHo site.

  • William Leggett

    Funny the author in HuffPo thinks ending the Fed will benefit the rich. A centralized, monopolistic bank is opposed precisely because it benefits the few, the priviledged, or, in the words of William Leggett, the “scrip nobility.”

    William Leggett, radical Jacksonian, must have been wrong, according to the perspicacious Kyle Victor, when he wrote in 1837:

    “In the complete separation of government from the bank and credit system consists the chief hope of renovating our prosperity, and restoring to the people those equal rights, which have so long been exposed to the grossest violations. Leave credit to its own laws. It is an affair between man and man, which does not need special government protection and regulation. Leave banking to be conducted on the same footing with any other private business, and leave the banker to be trusted or not, precisely as he shall have means to satisfy those who deal with him of his responsibility and integrity. All this is a matter for men to manage with each other in the transaction of private affairs…

    There are two principles at war on the subject. One of these is the principle of aristocracy, the other the principle of democracy. The first boasts of the vast benefits of a regulated paper currency, and asks the federal government to institute a national bank ‘to regulate the currency and exchanges,’ or, in other words, to regulate the price of the labourer’s toil, and enable the rich to grow richer by impoverishing the poor. The principle of democracy, on the other hand, asks only for equal rights. It asks only that the government shall confine itself to the fewest possible objects compatible with publick order, leaving all other things to be regulated by unfettered enterprise and competition. It asks, in short, for free trade, and the divorce of bank and state.”

    If only he lived to read the sapient Kyle Victor, he would have realized his error.

  • purple_persuader

    It’s not just HuffPo though, I have had comments censored at Townhall and American Thinker, and just when stating facts that would undermine what a writer at one of those sites had to say.

    For instance at TH someone stated that we had been at war with Iran since 79, and I said that it was actually since 53, when the CIA led the overthrow of Mossadegh and that a few radicals storming an embassy was hardly an act of war. At AT I actually e-mailed them concerning their censoring and they responded they didn’t want their up and coming candidates (Bachmann and Cain) to be put in a bad light.

  • purple_persuader

    It was just some kid talking about that which he is ignorant of, which doesn’t say much about HuffPo, when they allow someone to put out an article on a subject of which the writer is clearly ignorant of.

  • Fragment47

    All I can say is, Thank you Huffington Post for giving me one more reason to vote for Ron Paul!

  • Jay

    Recall the message that teacher Edna Crabapple forced Bart Simpson to write on the chalk board.

    “I will not expose the ignorance of the faculty”

  • Arash Kashanian

    The other day when Huffington Post published two articles berating Ron Paul with the newsletters ON THE SAME DAY, I decided I had to chime in at that site.  There was just too much nonsense being shuffled around.  The ignorance on there is truly astounding.  Between the two articles I must have made over a hundred comments, trying to correct these people from the utter garbage they were spewing.  It’s impossible though.  They are incredibly stubborn and even more so partisan.  

    This false left/right dichotomy has done such a good job at keeping the establishment in power.

  • Laura Pivonka

    I cannot imagine the day has come when a famous newspaper would ban FREE SPEECH and free thoughts about their articles.  Nobody likes criticism, least of all government politicians, because THEY know better, don’t they, just like these arrogant newspaper editors and writers~~it’s a very sad commentary on our world, and I hope this changes soon.

  • Anonymous

    It is a very sad commentary on these famous newspapers, if this is true.  I am registered to post.  I haven’t been banned at the Huff, BUT I will say I was banned from posting on Tom Deaces” website which I thought was very unfair, since anything I was going to post or did post was respectful with no profanity at all, and I was simple stating the TRUTH in a firm but ARTICULATE manner.  People who know less than we do, or who cannot “argue” their points resort to this kind of childishness.

    IF we fail to take back our country, for we have lost it to a GOVERNMENT GONE WILD, then, we will all have to do a Plan B, and we will all have to discuss it then.  I hope Iowa is an honest election, but I must admit I am worried about New Hampshire, as it has electronic voting machines.

  • Anonymous

    I have posted on HUFF, but I was banned for no good reason on DEACE’s website.  I just think it’s a sad commentary in the world we live in now, when politicians and their accomplices, the Media, are so frightened of losing their power to those who have the truth on their side; they, who know full well they’ve gotten away with a lot of wrongdoing.

  • Anonymous

    I have posted on HUFF, but I was banned for no good reason on DEACE’s website.  I just think it’s a sad commentary in the world we live in now, when politicians and their accomplices, the Media, are so frightened of losing their power to those who have the truth on their side; they, who know full well they’ve gotten away with a lot of wrongdoing.

  • carlc55

    Here is a similar example – CNN wouldn’t even let people respond. at the bottom of the page:________________________________________________________________________soundoff (No Responses)                                                         Comments are closed.« previous post

  • Rick

    For those whose comments have been deleted/disallowed by HuffPo, here’s a suggestion: Create a blog with the title something like “comments HuffPo deleted” and the original critical post of Paul, then your (deleted) response (or, you could organize common criticisms, then respond to them).  This will give people like me a chance to get both sides to the issue outside of HuffPo. Thanks!

  • Rmgen712

    I posted this earlier:  For those whose comments have been deleted/disallowed by HuffPo, here’s a suggestion: Create a blog with the title something like “comments HuffPo deleted” and the original critical post of Paul, then your (deleted) response (or, you could organize common criticisms, then respond to them).  This will give people like me a chance to get both sides to the issue outside of HuffPo. Thanks!

  • Rob Nabakowski

    The old saying, “Ignorance is bliss” is pretty accurate.