How to Homeschool Your Child When Both Parents Work

A group called Parents for Liberty is starting a network to connect families that genuinely can’t homeschool their children with parents who are willing to take on an extra child to supplement their income. Check it out.

Speaking of homeschooling, I’ll be making a pretty big announcement in about two weeks. I am working on a K-12 homeschool curriculum that will be unlike anything you have seen in terms of price, the material covered, the people doing the teaching, and so on. The first people to be notified will be my newsletter subscribers. My e-letter is free, and I never share or sell the list. Sign up here.

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  • samgrace

    What a great idea! Homeschooling will change this country. Thanks for posting.

  • Andreas Collvin


  • Collin

    I thought I heard Tom mention something about a K-12 curriculum at Liberty classroom sometime… is that still happening?

  • Tom Woods

    It’s separate from Liberty Classroom, but yes. I’ll be making an announcement about it in about two weeks. People on my mailing list at will get the news first.

  • Anonymous

    We need a lot more of this… word needs to spread far and wide. Public schools are horrible. If I could afford it, I’d be home schooling my kid but someone has to pay the bills. Thanks Tom!

  • Mary Day Smelser

    One of my girls does this with her 3 children with a family that started homeschooling outside children when their children grew up. It works beautifully, and is inexpensive!

  • Greg S

    Wow! A Tom Woods curriculum! Would this mean when my wife and I have kids, we can bypass Saxon Math? :P

  • Wearechangetn Dotorg

    Thank You!

  • CBaldwin

    Awesome! My wife will be homeschooling our children. I haven’t been very successful in finding good liberty-minded curriculum.

  • Doug Tjaden

    Tom. This is nothing short of excellent. God bless you for your efforts here!

  • Joy Rose

    I encourage you to look at Christian Liberty Press, A Beka Books, and Bob Jones University Press. All three are especially good at teaching the importance of the Constitution and our freedoms.

  • Christopher Ely

    After 9 years of teaching my wife decided to leave the public school system to homeschool our 5 and 7yr old girls. one of the best decisions we ever made. This is great Mr. Wood. looking forward to it.

  • Anonymous

    What at lovely coincidence! We just found out my wife is pregnant, and we plan on homeschooling. I will definitely be looking at your curriculum.

  • Matt J.

    Will this new homeschooling curriculum be available as part of the Liberty Classroom subscription?

  • Seth Murray

    This is awesome.

  • Tom Woods

    No; it’s not an exclusively Woods production, so I am not in a position to offer it via LC.

  • Rachel Mills

    Really hoping it is secular…

  • mom24sons

    i have been homeschooling since my oldest was in 4th grade he is 25 and my youngest is 9. I have used almost all the curriculums out there will look forward to getting a glimpse of what you will be doing.

  • PS_Teacher

    I am a public high school teacher and I think this, just may be, the change we need in education. I would definitely leave the public high school to teach less students a lot more and to develop critical thinkers.

  • Chris Branco

    Wow, can’t wait!

  • Sarah Ray

    yes please bypass Saxon!!! Saxon is THE worst, lol.

  • Derek F

    I’ll be waiting for the curriculum with great anticipation. My wife and I currently have our daughter in a USM school, which is part home-schooling and part traditional classroom instruction. We’re pleased, but will probably look to your curriculum as a supplement.

    Thanks for what you do. And by the way, I love libertyclassroom!

  • Dan McCall

    Fantastic. Can’t wait to see the new curriculum!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I can’t wait.

  • Debbie Rosen

    Awesome idea, Dr. Woods.

  • CBaldwin

    Thanks, I’ll look into that….

  • Renee Tagliavia Harrison

    how about casting the net a little wider to those who have chosen public or private education for their child/ren offering them a supplement/add on to their current very liberal oriented studies. the more liberty-real history- children the better for all.

  • Tom Woods

    This curriculum does that. You can get the courses a la carte, only what you need.

  • Steve

    Words can’t express how excited my wife and I are for this. We have three kids ages 11, 8, and 6. I work in the public education system and we are doing everything possible to attempt to homeschool them before they enter middle school or sooner. So excited for this. Thank you Tom.

  • Owen Manske

    Dr. Woods,

    My wife was a licensed teacher before becoming a mom and has been unschooling all our kids (3,5,7,9 years old) and it has been great, But even with unschooling you need some kind of reliable source material and I’ve been wondering for the longest time what your recommendation would be (especially for history). This news has made my week.

    Thank you sir!

  • VictoriaL

    Ooooooo! I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Patriot Mommy

    Want to homeschool. Need more info. I’m in Mass.

  • Melshep

    Several of these curriculums are adhering to the Core Curriculum Standards – the new national curriculum….. to many homeschoolers this is not well accepted.

  • Joy Rose

    None of these curricula are adhering to the Core Curriculum Standards, unless by accident. In fact, at least two of the three explicitly recommend that you test your child by the 1970’s version of the CAT rather than the modern version, because if you use the modern version, your child will not be placed appropriately to the grade level. (To simplify/clarify, if your child places in 3rd grade according to the *modern* tests, he will not be able to handle A Beka’s 3rd grade mathematics. If he places in 3rd grade according to the 1970’s CAT, he can do it.)

    In fact, Christian Liberty Academy Satellite Schools (CLASS) in particular (which uses A Beka books as well as their own) is not accredited on purpose so that they will not be held to any national standards.

  • anon

    I had A beka history in a private school, and I cannot whole-heartedly recommend it. There’s some anti-Catholic bias, and it isn’t particularly pro-peace but quite conservative minded. I didn’t have the English after elementary; for math and science your mileage may vary. I only had Abeka through algebra one, but some concepts weren’t adequately explained, including factoring polynomials. The science curriculum maybe isn’t too bad. Be aware that the biological sciences are from a creationist (and quite possibly young earth) perspective. I’m not sure how great the high school chemistry text is, but I may just have missed a lot of it when I was absent with a family issue.

  • luke orem

    I’m certain he won’t force anyone to learn anything they are uncomfortable with, as well as not trying to impose his religion beliefs.

  • Laurie Bluedorn

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • bondservant

    looking forward to seeing the K-12 curriculum – I may up having to choose between Tom Woods and Gary North… what a problem to have! :)

  • Anonymous

    In Hawaii. Schools out here are the pits, and thinking of homeschooling my two toddlers. Networking with people like this would be awesome. No global warming, gay marriage, or putting bananas on condoms in this curriculum I imagine!