How to Choose a Candidate

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  • Maureen Schlosser

    I thought this commercial should help the simplest of Americans make a choice.  Then again, I never understood how ANYONE could listen to Dr. Paul and not see how clear the choice really is.

  • jen

    Good ad. It tackles all rivals in one ad and points out Paul’s key strengths and not just a few votes like no taxes/balanced budget.  Having made all accurate predictions for decades is also key as well as being the lead educator in Congress and to the public of limited gov’t, civil liberties, and sound money.

    Feedback – key negatives of Romney would be useful to mention like what was said of newt’s character and santorum’s polling. 

    Anti-Romney ads emerging and getting better with all 3 conservative candidates as the race is almost over with no more debates to challenge Romney for the first time. 

    I am finding more and more that people are fairly fixed on the Romney choice as not much negativity or challenge has been revealed about him in the past several months and unless you have a Breitbart like video of Romney, Romney supporters are going to stick to him.

    However, a few things:

    The lineup is following the way media is taking down the race – newt out first, then santorum, leaving Romey last indicating that while he is not that great or not the best, he is a cut above the other candidates / least offensive  and has good character. 

    I am with the Stop Obamaney 2012 camp. 

    In fact, Romney has the least moral character because of his most deceitful relationships/friendships and campaign tactics that none of the other candidates could even dream of brainstorming.  I do not say that having a divorce/affair means that you have the least moral character (unless that person is a sexual deviant like Cain) implying that Obama and Bush are better than Bill Clinton.  I would relish going back to the Clinton days over the lost past decade of Obama and Bush-Cheney, regardless of their family image.

  • Daniel

    I thought the heads were kind of goofy, but the message was of course good.  

  • @therealrao

    Cool ad. But I must say it was strange to see Romney depicted as having basic moral character. I was not aware that morality meant doing whatever it takes to serve your money.

  • jen

    Agree – Romney does not have basic moral character, as written in my comment below.  When he has all of the Bush-Cheney network behind him, it is hardly moral character to be the primary establishment candidate. Especially, when his buddies are the ones that are doing all of the tampering of gop elections like in Maine and elsewhere.

  • Zebram Zee

     I guess they are referring to the fact that Romney didn’t cheat on his wife, while Gingrich’s personal life is so crass and vulgar that it merited special mention.

  • Anonymous

    Hard to fight the  ruling class, with the bush and clinton machines behind them…………..

  • Anonymous

    most are  plugged into  ipods and  tunning into  DWTS………………….