Help a Truth-Teller

With few exceptions (pretty much one exception, in fact) I don’t typically urge people to support political candidates. For those interested in politics, I am making another exception: Karen Kwiatkowski, who is running for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 6th District. If you don’t already know Karen, she is not only a full-fledged libertarian but she also became internationally recognized when, from her position inside the Department of Defense, she spoke out against the cooking of intelligence leading up to the Iraq war and decried neoconservative influence over foreign policy generally.

Here are her remarks at CPAC 2010, on a panel called “Why Real Conservatives Are Against the War on Terror.”

Check out her archive at You’ll be reading all day.

Today is Karen’s Lady Liberty Money Bomb. Please consider helping. Getting Karen’s voice before the public is an end in itself.

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  • Michael Ross Pomroy

    Karen had to move from the left sife of the state in Ann Arbor MI. Don’t know if Virginia is much better.

  • Anonymous

    Karen is great and I hope she succeeds.

    Not picking on Tom here, but it surprises me how many libertarians forget Justin Amash, and sometimes Rand Paul. Yes, they are weaker libertarians than Ron Paul and Karen, and may not always deserve our support, but they are on our side and need to be recognized more often- Amash in particular. Amash has a photo of Rothbard on the wall of his office, for goodness sake’s…

  • Travis

    Because Amash (and especially Rand) talk in Republican talking points almost exclusively. Why support undercover libertarians at the expense of open libertarians? Heck, Tom’s been critical of Ron Paul’s official campaign team for painting him as a typical Republican.

  • rainer

    Actually, on her website, she describes herself as being a constitutional conservative

  • Tom Woods

    I’m pretty sure Ron Paul’s website says the same thing. Go ahead and read her columns, as the post suggests.

  • Occam’s Banana

    Wow. A photo of Rothbard. How compelling. (I say this as someone who has contibuted to Amash).

    I can’t express things better than Travis did, so I won’t even try. I like Amash & Rand. I like them a lot. They are “good,” but we need more. We need “great” (especially since Ron won’t be in Congress after 2012).

    Karen is “great.” Amash & Rand deserve our support. Karen deserves it even more.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I don’t really disagree at all. Probably this wasn’t the place to voice this in the first place. But it does bug me when we have good folks but forget them so often…