Guest Hosting the Peter Schiff Show Two Straight Weeks

I’ll be filling in for Peter starting tomorrow, May 7, and continuing through Friday, May 18. The show runs from 10am to 12pm ET Monday through Friday, streaming live (and free; no subscription necessary) at Tune in!

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  • Michael P. Shipley

    Get Jan Helfeld on the phone. He’s the one who interviews politicians and reporters to show how stupid they are.

    Ambassador John Bolton has no principle to determine when we should go to war

    Congr. Pete Stark Blows Up Over National Debt


  • tomshag

    It’s not really stupidity, he just employs the ‘socratic interview technique’ to catch people out who’ve never really considered their philosophical position beyond the snappy answer. 

    Now, we can say that someone who haven’t fully thought out the philosophical or intellectual position they hold are stupid, but that just seems rather disingenous. 

    A lot of my most hardcore anarchist philosophical standpoints are based purely on faith, first principle, and whatever sound clips I can gather of rothbard and etc, and so they are not truly ‘fully fleshed out’ until I’ve had time to actually read some real works on them. (And at the rate I’m going, I’m not gonna be done with HA for 2 months.)

  • tomshag

    Then again, maybe I just don’t want people to call me stupid :)