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Guess Which Is the Most Violent Country in South America

2nd January 2013      by: Tom Woods     

Venezuela, where private gun ownership is illegal.

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  • http://rosarynovice.stblogs.com/ Augustine

    In my experience citing historical events as counter-examples why certain practices never worked, I often encounter a certain air of superiority because it’s from another country which is not as awesome as the US, especially if it’s an example from a 3rd-world country, and that”s why it couldn’t have worked elsewhere. But, over here, if we wish really, really hard and wrap ourselves in the flag, it couldn’t but work out alright.

  • Matej

    I think they were made illegal this year. Not sure though…

  • http://TheInterventionistParadox.wordpress.com/ Bharat

    Yeah, I think this is true. (2012)

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