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Fascism the Last Stage of Capitalism, Said Socialists

9th May 2013      by: Tom Woods     

Sure it was. (From The Vampire Economy, by Guenter Riemann.)

The Vampire Economy

Unlearn the Propaganda!

  • http://notesonliberty.com/ Brandon Christensen

    Thanks for this. I don’t think reminding anybody who will listen, as often as possible, of the horrors of socialism should ever go out of style.

  • Anonymous

    This is what it’s like to be a medical device company and deal with the FDA. Fascism is already here, my friends.

  • Anonymous

    If Capitalism is what we have in the United State today, the socialists were right.

  • Mike

    It’s so funny how statists are always wanting endless regulation (while at the same time acting like there isn’t any. Talk about brain dead, eh?) and yet they seem unable to realize that they are actually arguing for German-style National Socialism. LOL!

    I just recently saw a youtube entry where this moron actually believes that we have a “free market laissez-faire” economic system. I guess this fool has never heard of the SEC or any other of the massive amounts of regulatory bodies. What planet do these people live on? For crying out loud they have an internet connection. It doesn’t take a genius to use Google. Sheesh!

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