Establishment Journalist Favors Drone Strike on Assange

I first heard about this over at, where this tweet (since deleted) by Geithner ghostwriter and Time magazine senior national correspondent Mike Grunwald was highlighted:

assange tweet

Did Grunwald delete this out of remorse for how stupid and evil it is? Did he delete it because of the creepiness of someone in what is supposed to be the adversarial media cheering on the regime against its enemy? Did he delete it because he was embarrassed to have taken the position that we ought to be exploited and lied to by murdering sociopaths, and that the real crime is letting us know what our overlords — er, our public servants! — are up to?

This would be asking rather too much of a correspondent for Time magazine, whose job is to put a pretty face on the regime, its bailouts, its surveillance, its bubbles, and its wars.

Grunwald responds to critics by noting that it was a “dumb” tweet (I guess advocating murder is “dumb,” like thinking the square root of 144 is 15), and won’t they please leave him alone already?

But here’s why he took it down. Another commentator of the please-loot-exploit-and-lie-to-me-with-impunity-and-in-return-I’ll-demonize-and-shout-down-all-your-enemies-nice-government-man-sir school offered this warning:

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  • kirk

    another statist propagandist masquerading as a ‘reporter’.

  • Mike

    Yeah. Sorry if we have a “persecution complex”. I guess a sociopath calling for someone’s cold blooded and cowardly murder is really no big deal right? How is this any different than Charles Manson calling for other people’s murder? Answer: It isn’t. Disgusting.

  • Robert

    A lot of people ask rhetorically how this or that journalist could be so evil. The thing is these guys really believe in what they are doing. Censorship in the American media isn’t like the Gestapo whereby you say the right thing or you get a bullet in the head. The censorship is economic; you say the right things or you don’t advance in your career or, you lose your job altogether. It suddenly becomes economic self interest for people who are just intelligent enough to articulately communicate propaganda but not intelligent enough to understand that it is propaganda. So we get these half-wits in expensive suits who are more believable because they spew the lies with conviction, they believe in the cause of American imperialism and exceptionalism, they believe they are rooting for the home team.

  • Ironwoman05

    I was hoping the first tweet was sarcastic, but obviously not. The sheeple empower people like this. I’d say that we all need to wake up, but it’s obviously too late for that.

  • Zach Moore

    The only thing that gives this people power is currency. When the currency fades, so will they.

  • Klapton

    Perhaps he should be applauded for being more honest than most statists. At least he KNOWS that his “representative government” is murdering people on his behalf. Most sheeple simply accept the violence of the state without even realizing that it is being done with their consent.

  • Jock Doubleday

    The Rothschild media whores will say anything, do anything, and become anything. Good people cannot anticipate their evil or their insanity.

  • unsheepled

    Not a bullet perhaps, that would destroy the delusion most people matrix in . No, a drone attack on a car …. And say it hit a tree and exploded Michael Hastings , look into that!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure they understand that it’s propaganda. But they are arrogant enough to believe it’s justified. If the masses won’t do as they should then they need a little corrective brainwashing to get them headed in the “right” direction. What’s really irritating is that this brand of pervasively corrupt pseudo-journalism seems to work. Just goes to show how appallingly credulous most people are.

  • Papaduke

    Can’t wait til his colleagues have to write a strongly worded defense of him when the government spies on him and locks him up for speaking to the wrong person.

  • moscowjack

    I propose that we all send Grumwald a tool since he is one for the establishment.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. How often does a member of the “free” and “independent” press
    explicitly admit that his job is to defend the State and its violent
    crimes. Oops!

    Good job, Mr. Assange: your cool-headed, indomitable destruction of the State’s legal fraud and violent crimes is causing its agents to lose all pretense and self-control in fits of maddening, blood-boiling frustration.

  • FinderKeeper

    Along with a lap dog and a parrot. ;-)

  • Mark Rothschild

    Look at the facile way he introduces his self-serving explanation of why he deleted his tweet. He is a very good, clever writer, but clearly lacking the character to own up to his remarks. Please notice that he did not offer a direct personal apology to Julian.

    The naive brutality of his drone remark is something any thug could second. What is remarkable is that the establishment media is now on board.

  • Anonymous

    All too similar to the disparaging comments climate alarmists make about sceptics and internet atheists direct at anyone who doesn’t deify the scientific method.
    I think we can safely assume that diversity of opinion is healthy and establishment group think is evil.

  • Anonymous

    Why should this surprise? A Palace Guard Media clown like this guy knows his fellow Journolist comrades and wannabes will either bury his indiscretion, run interference or try and tell you he’s the mag’s in-house John Stewart and you need to get a more progressive sense of humor, like the kind former WH mouthpiece Robert Gibbs has:

    “WASHINGTON — A 16-year-old American boy killed in an Obama administration drone strike “should have [had] a far more responsible father,” Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs says in a new video released by the group We Are Change.

    “Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was the son of Anwar al-Awlaki, an al Qaeda propagandist killed by a U.S. drone a year ago. But the child was killed in a separate strike some two weeks after his father was killed.”

  • Anonymous

    Interjection. Any news on Adam Kokesh…anyone? The guy’s been in prison for about a month and there’s no publicity.

  • Anonymous

    I believe he is still in a cage, going through the legal process and hearings and everything.

  • Alven

    On the bright side, M. Grunwald would write an article in defense of a sortie that air dropped candy canes and rose petals on J. Assange, provided that is what the power establishment wanted.
    So maybe we who disagree with M. Grunwald suffer from what he terms a persecution complex? I can’t speak for others, but for myself I will say that, yes, I have a complex that is acts against persecution.
    Better to have a complex that acts against persecution than to act as an agent of persecution. Would M. Grunwald agree or disagree?

  • Alven

    Oops. “is against acts of persecution.”

  • Brian McCandliss

    So you’re saying it’s covert authority, vs. overt.
    And that’s been true since the Lincoln Administration, where you would indeed be jailed if you didn’t say the right thing; while this was overruled under Ex Parte Milligan in 1866, the damage was already done; and the shill-media had been fully established, which selectively censored any truth which didn’t meet its approval. This was likewise enforced by governments awarding press-passes to lapdog-journalists and newspapers, until the media became the King’s Courtiers we know and despise today; truth was the first casualty of Lincoln’s war, and it stayed dead until the internet.
    Now it’s time to expose the lapdogs.

  • Brian McCandliss

    What’s most amusing is Grunwald’s adding insult to injury by saying ” my main problem with this is it gives Assange supporters a nice safe persecution complex to hide in.”

    Imagine that: you applaud the prospect of someone’s murder out of censorship, and then accuse them of being paranoid.
    It seems that to call Michael Grunwald a “scumbucket” is insulting to buckets…. scum.

  • Brian McCandliss

    Aren’t they all?

  • Brian McCandliss

    Correction: the government is murdering people in his NAME, and that of the rest of the American people,while we have no direct control over them.
    Limited consent is NO consent, that’s why we must have nullification in order to put a leash on government, otherwise we have the tail wagging the dog.

  • Brian Mccandliss

    And a shilling, since that what he’s always doing for government.

    In fact, his motto when interviewing politicians is “shilling for your thoughts??

  • Robert

    Excellent points made by you, ones with which I agree. White House press corps passes are only given to those who are approved. Press briefings are now a home run derby event, whereby the “journalists” send medium speed balls right over the plate so that the secretary can hit home runs with the message.

  • Giuseppe

    The ironic thing about this whole affair is that this guy works for a dying medium and many, many people recognize its irrelevance. Ultimately, what people like MG post just does not matter very much. The freedom of the internet allows thinking individuals to see the man behind the curtain and simply laugh….