Deficit Hawk Endorses Romney

David Walker, the former comptroller general who has tried to draw attention to the debt and entitlement problems, has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. “He has stated a commitment to fiscal responsibility and true government transformation. I was personally reassured by a meeting with him covering his commitment and approach to tax, defense and several other key fiscal issues.”

So Romney “state[s] a commitment to fiscal responsibility” — even Walker can’t actually believe his silliness about “true government transformation,” whatever that’s even supposed to mean — and tells Walker he’ll do a good job. Walker then endorses him on the basis of these empty assurances, which run counter to Romney’s stated views and — putting it mildly — lack of urgency on the debt question. An unflappable man of principle, this Walker.

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  • John Moore

    I’ve seen David Walker in interviews with Paul Ryan and those two just fawn over each other. This is no surprise. Walker has bought into Ryan’s phony budget.

  • Scott Morrell

    In the past, I thought Walker to be sensible and rational, based on his apparently sober analysis in several Youtube videos. I stand corrected.