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Deficit Hawk Endorses Romney

30th October 2012      by: Tom Woods     

David Walker, the former comptroller general who has tried to draw attention to the debt and entitlement problems, has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. “He has stated a commitment to fiscal responsibility and true government transformation. I was personally reassured by a meeting with him covering his commitment and approach to tax, defense and several other key fiscal issues.”

So Romney “state[s] a commitment to fiscal responsibility” — even Walker can’t actually believe his silliness about “true government transformation,” whatever that’s even supposed to mean — and tells Walker he’ll do a good job. Walker then endorses him on the basis of these empty assurances, which run counter to Romney’s stated views and — putting it mildly — lack of urgency on the debt question. An unflappable man of principle, this Walker.

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  • John Moore

    I’ve seen David Walker in interviews with Paul Ryan and those two just fawn over each other. This is no surprise. Walker has bought into Ryan’s phony budget.

  • Scott Morrell

    In the past, I thought Walker to be sensible and rational, based on his apparently sober analysis in several Youtube videos. I stand corrected.

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