College Kids to Society: Gimme ‘Free’ Stuff!

The Ron Paul college kids are too smart for such silliness. Then there are the rest of them.

(Thanks to Brian Wilson.)

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  • jen

    An RP coalition for Professors might help in sharing the techniques (pick pocket, list) to reverse the damage some public schools infused into students. 

  • Delita

    I was like that once, until reality hit me in the face.  This is what public schools do.  It’s a system that makes people ignorant on capitalism and freedom. People are not allowed to educate themselves or make choices except go through the system.  Only the free market can our educational woes. 

  • Delita

    Oh and to correct Tom Woods, this is not about Ron Paul college kids vs the others.  This is about the problems in government schools. 

  • Tom Woods

    Not really, since obviously some kids manage to see through it.

  • Jeremiah Martin

    Hi Tom. I just want to let you know that when I clicked on your site just now (it’s on my favorites bar) I got that red page that says “this is a reported attack site” or something like that. I don’t know if there’s been some kind of problem with your site that you already know about or what. The information page said that sometimes malware is placed onto legitimate sites without the owner’s knowledge, so perhaps someone hacked your site or posted a link that gives people a virus or something. Of course, it might be nothing and you might have already dealt with it, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to mention it anyway. I would hate to see anything happen to this great resource. : )

  • jaffi411

    If anybody is interested in learning the basis of public schooling and what its purpose is, I recommend two books:  ‘Conclusions and Recommendations: Report of the Commission on the Social Studies’ and ‘Schooling for a Global Age’.  This isn’t an accident, this is a very old agenda that started in the mid-1930s, and is only today bearing its bittersweet fruit.  

    I went to public school, but I was lucky enough that my teachers weren’t complete socialists. In fact, many of them were old-school capitalists and constitutional-minded people.  Unfortunately, given Dr. Williams’ recent insight into the matter as well as others, I do not think that that is the case anymore.  

    Independent thought and individual independence seems to be becoming a thing of the past. I have even seen cases where college graduates have their parents showing up at job interviews with them and negotiating for them. Dependency is the health of the state, so it is no wonder that the public educational system would instill such values into the young minds of the populace.

    It’s sad, really.

  • Anonymous

    I got the same warning earlier today.

  • Billy Bublitz

    Well at least we got some teachers out there teaching Austrian economics.

  • David

    As a college student, it’s really frustrating to see this kind of attitude on display, even amongst a lot of otherwise smart people.

  • Nicole

    This is a timely video for me. I just finished a conversation with my 8th grader about her class’ and teacher’s bias pro-Obama response to his speech which they were supposed to watch for homework. This is my third child to attend her charter school, so the bias was not unexpected for me. I encouraged her not to be shy to present her point of view the next time it was discussed. I made a suggestion that she explain to her class that they could follow the Obama agenda even on a school level if the class agreed. All the students who receive As could give a point away to the group, thereby raising the C-grade kids to a B and lowering the A-grade kids to a B, maintaining a B grade average for everyone. The outcome would be that whether you spend five hours a night on homework or 30 minutes and watched TV the rest of the time, everyone would have the same outcome. Probably no one would get into private high school (very selective in our city), and acknowledgments based on merit couldn’t be given out anymore (something currently valued at the school). She grew a big smile as the revelation sunk in. I look forward to hearing how it all pans out for her.

  • Nicole

    sorry, meant for this to be a reply to the video not to your post

  • jaffi411

    It’s quite alright, Nicole.  Great post and great “experiment”.  I am curious as to how this recommendation is received.  In fact, I am almost afraid of what the response might be.  

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I don’t see the problem here. I think these college students are looking a lot further out than we credit them for. Look, sure the baby boomers have pillaged their future and likely have created an economic calamity for them… But keep in mind, these college students will have kids of their own some day, right? So, they can ruin *their* kids future. Get it? I call this “Pillage It Forward.” Actually, if these young people are really enterprising, they can put their American dream in overdrive by pillaging the next *few* generations to follow. Bernanke will be happy, Goldman-Sachs will be happy… everyone who *is* anyone will be happy. I think I’ll let Obama use the slogan “Pillage It Forward” free of charge, you know, for bumper stickers…

  • Liberty slug

    As a college student I would identify as one of the 10% who wants the government to just leave me alone.

    Its unfortunate that our college classrooms become breeding grounds for socialism. I’ve had some nightmare lectures on the wonders of Maoism, somehow the whole genocide part was left out. I’ve had econ teachers talk about how the USSR was paradise and anything contradictory was western propaganda.

    The good news? Freedom is getting more and more popular. The generation who grew up around the internet knows the value of free speech and privacy. We sure want the government out of our bedrooms and bodies, no question there. Unfortunately, when it comes to the entitlements and taxes, hypocrisy sets in and the people who rant about consumerism want more money.

  • Cristobal

    If public schools and colleges actually educated American students about the economic realities they would have forseen their current predicament.
    They are free to join the neocon/progressive military effort, or go work in the fields picking produce.

    As it is, the majority just want more funding for their tenured Marxist professors earning outrageous salaries.

  • Tommy Foppiano

    I just graduated from college and I’m surprised that it was only 80% of the students who wanted to loot their neighbors for personal gain. And I majored in economics, not sociology. But in fairness, I went to UC Davis and its not exactly known as a “conservative” institution.

  • Matthew Tanous

    But don’t you know, in the ill-educated words of what passes for my fellow college students, that “because of the increase in interest rates by private loan companies and other predatory activities the student loan debt in this country is so large that it could potentially but us back into recession”?

    I mean, it’s not actually because of that, any recession would only be worsened by government stepping in, and there is no “predatory activity” going on – only supply and demand – but you really expect students with COLLEGE EDUCATIONS to get that?

    Thankfully, I was able to point this gentleman in the right direction (provided he listened), and also (when he expressed outrage that Romney’s 15% tax rate was lower than a hypothetical teacher’s) point out that it was Dr. Paul that tried to push through the Teacher Tax Cut Act of 2009, which would have created a $1K tax credit for teachers – and that it died in committee, with no help from any Democrats.  Maybe that will help open some eyes to the lies of the left.

  • Matthew Tanous

    To be fair Dr. Woods, the only reason I saw through it was that a leftist high school teacher happened to call my father a “baby-killer” for serving in the military. From there, I resolved to educate myself, and went from a Bill Clinton Republican like my parents (which is actually FAR TO THE RIGHT in my family) to a Ron Paul Republican because I actually bothered to look thinks up myself.  (Luckily, I am pulling my parents over, but I fear not fast enough to get them to actually vote in the Colorado caucus for the first time in their life this year….)

    Then I stuck to the computer engineering degree I am currently working on at college (so as to avoid the nuts in our history and economics departments).  I was still, however, forced to take a ridiculous summer “American Culture” course that was mostly about how the government needed to steal people’s property if it was “historic” and, of course, all kinds of “subgroups” of American culture (i.e. gay culture, etc.).  I did enjoy really pissing of the graduate student (in from UC-Davis) teaching it with a final paper on the stupidity of Title IX gender quotas, though.

    I think that most college and high school students do not have such a shock from their teachers as a statement that they already know to be false and offensive (the teacher that did that was considered “cool” by most students for daring to swear in class) and therefore continue to believe, as I did until then, that the teachers were telling the truth about things like the need for Truman to drop the bomb and FDR getting us out of the Depression with the New Deal.  Thus, most students come out within the range of “acceptable” opinions – big government opinions on both sides of the aisle. Or at least, they did before they woke up. And that, I believe, was actually Obama’s fault – he got them engaged and then they realized he was lying, and sought out different opinions entirely. And the rest, you know, is history.

    *This was edited because the first version was, frankly, just poor writing on my part.

  • Shirley

    You can thank the public education systm and leftist professors in American colleges for this ‘gimme’ mentality and these freeloaders are out there ready to vote for Obama again.