Chicago Sun-Times Columnist: Paul’s Budget A-OK

An excerpt:

Next month, the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, a 12-member subset of Congress that Congress created to make the hard fiscal choices Congress has failed to make, is expected to propose $1.2 trillion in cuts from projected spending during the next decade. This week, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, unveiled a plan to cut nearly that much in 2013 alone, followed by similar cuts in the next two years, yielding a balanced budget by 2015.

The contrast between the so-called super committee’s goal and Paul’s plan shows how pathetic official Washington’s gestures of fiscal responsibility are. Paul’s detailed numbers refute the myth that the budget cannot be balanced without raising taxes while challenging his opponents to put up or shut up….

Read the whole thing.

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  • Ed

    nice to hear – even Rush Limbaugh endorsed Ron Paul’s budget – while I missed the debates due to traveling it didn’t seem like much time was focused on Dr. Paul’s budget or on letting him talk for that matter – at least from a review of the press

  • Jordan Viray

    Well, it is a Reason writer

  • MooseOfReason

    Jordan said it.  That’s not a Chicago Sun-Times columnist.  He’s a libertarian who writes for Reason, so it’s almost expected that he would write a flattering piece about Paul’s budget-balancing plan.

  • Michael Brown

    Not necessarily.  there are libertarians (as well as ‘beltarians’ who write for Reason) who don’t like or support Ron Paul.

  • Frank M

    I heard Hannity had Ron Paul on his radio show yesterday and praised his budget as well. The beauty of this is that Ron Paul is embarrassing the neocons with a real plan that really cuts. It’s going to be interesting to see how they respond.

  • Scott Lazarowitz

    The best plan I’ve heard so far is Lew Rockwell’s 30-Day Plan:

  • Jordan Viray

    True, but the endorsement doesn’t mean nearly as much as it would have coming from a staff writer.

  • purplepersuader

    Meanwhile back in the real world, where Paul is out there and able to put his plan before the public and contrast himself with the others……

  • MooseOfReason

    That’s why I said “almost expected.”

  • iamse7en

    Tom, please do a video on this one! The irrational stupidity is just overbearing!