Bill ‘Banish-Ron-Paul’ Kristol and His Forecasting Ability

Bill ‘All Hail Obama!’ Kristol recently said Ron Paul ought to leave the GOP over his foreign-policy views. Americans can’t be allowed a choice on this. They need two interventionist parties, both spewing the same propaganda that would insult a third-grader. That’s freedom, baby.

It would be better for Republicans for Ron just to go, says Kristol, since of course it’s much better to field candidates who can’t inspire a dozen people to show up at their rallies, much less incite them to read Bastiat, Hayek, and Mises. Smart young kids infiltrating the party? The horror!

On Kristol’s record of political predictions, and what would be good for whom, I refer you to this great compilation over at the Atlantic. Bill doesn’t seem to be in a position to advise any party on much of anything, it turns out. (Thanks to J.M. for the link.)

Not to mention this funny compilation of Kristolisms about Iraq:

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  • Jay

    I’m curious, has Kristol ever opposed any war?

  • Anonymous

     Probably the Revolutionary one.

  • Mitch33

    Bill Kristol should be banished from our country as a foreign Israeli opperative who puts the interests of Israel before those of the United States of America.  And this is an OBVIOUS REALITY.  These guys are treasonous.

  • Builderguy1

    Speaking of treason… Why arent people charged with it nowadays? Every congressman who voted for the NDAA should be. These lying media companies should be. Eric Holder should be. Newt Gingrich should have been. Is it professional courtesy, by the other treasonous people in our government, for fear of being found out themselves? I just dont understand.

  • Mark Wilmoth

    Yep, it’s just a circle of the same old war mongering over and over again…

  • Jack

      When Do the Pundits Apologize? by Jude Wanniski   I posted this on Facebook yesterday. I think Lew Rockwell should comb through the Jude Wanniski archives and the Gordon Prather archives as far back as   Get Saddam …any excuse will do December 2001. Also read Jude Wanniski’s “Regime Change in Iran” which is an open letter to Rick Santorum which urges him to start getting his nuclear threat analysis from a nuclear scientist (Gordon Prather) instead of John Bolton. Well, needless to say, Rick decided that WMD’s had been found in Iraq one year after they were proven not to be there.

  • Jack

    This is slightly off topic, but one of your guys should put together videos from Clinton shaking his finger in our face and telling us he never had sex with Monica Lewinski and Newt’s supposed ass-kicking of the media about his affairs and desire for an open marriage. Facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and desire to get back to the business of governing are eerily similar. If I was a techno-geek I would do it myself.

  • Kenneth

    Anyone else get the “This is an attack site” warning when visiting this page?

  • Contemplationist

    That’s too simplistic. A warring Iran-Iraq were better for Israel than one weakened and one strengthened.

  • Clint Slagle

    I just got a trojan warning upon loading this site in my system32/consrv.dll

  • Mark A. Duckworth

    How would Iran not be weakened if we invaded them as he wishes?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen anyone double down on a stupid idea more times than Kristol.

  • Anonymous

    Kristol should be forced to serve on the front lines of every military conflict he supports.

  • Anonymous

    Firefox just gave me a warning when I loaded the page saying that this site is an “attack site”

  • Anonymous

    Yep.  I suspect some of Levin’s minions are are work.

  • Royce

    yes i got it came on anyway, sure its been flagged by some ron paul haters

  • jen

    It was Romney that said he agreed with Obama signing NDAA.  Why bring Newt into this and not Romney?

  • jen

    Using personal affairs to judge a person versus things like Romneycare and hiding tax returns, increasing fees, stealing Paul’s ideas/words, running a campaign for over 6 years with Goldman Sachs money, etc… is by far a greater atrocity.  Yet, too many people at certain times focus on the wrong things when it comes specifically to Newt -whom the corrupt media and establishment hate.

  • Mike

    No, his answer is always war.  He has said he would be happy to debate Ron Paul on foreign policy.  I think thats funny since Ron Paul’s predictions tend to come true and Bill Kristol’s tend to be proven nonsensical.  But I can already predict how the debate would go.

    Bill Kristol: We need to go to war.

    Ron Paul: We need to stop spending.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.  We’ve tried Bill’s solution, I think its time to try Paul’s.

  • Longsnowsm

    You guys have to remember that during the Clinton administration the Republican party was still pretending to be anti-war.  We were protesting being the world police in Bosnia, Somali, Haiti and most of the other cockroach infested rat holes… Back the Republicans almost sounded sane…  But you bring any of that up with this bunch of neocons and they will call you a liar.

  • Edward J Skrod

    I sent a message to Dr. Woods about it.  Hopefully he will petition to have the warning removed.

  • Jonathan Mailer

    It’s not an either-or.  It can be both.  Bad character leads to the support of immoral statist policies.   

  • Tony

    Banishing Kristol from the country because of his opinions is both statist and against the first amendment. Plenty of people would say the things Ron Paul says are anti-American and that he needs to be silenced. Only logical reasoning and objective facts should determine the truth; not opinion, and the state certainly should not be used as an enforcer.

  • jen

    Affairs can be called ‘bad character’ by some people in forming personal relationships.  However, policies have nothing to do with people having affairs.  Obama and Bush has worse policies than Clinton – who balanced the budget during his time in office with Newt’s help.

  • guest

    If a person shows himself untrustworthy in his personal affairs, the likelihood that he will be untrustworthy in other aspects of his life. Said more bluntly, a liar is a liar. Period. Not to demand honesty and integrity of politicians leads directly to what we have today–out of control corruption. Ask yourself in whose interest is it to say private indiscretions don’t lead to public corruption. Sorry, friend, but you’ve been had.

    Btw, the budget was balanced not by good policy, but by inflation taxes. 

  • Brutus

    Kristol is worthless. War abroad breeds socialism at home, and the lust for war will be the death of the Free Market, the Death of what few rights remain to the states, as well as the death of personal liberty. The two remaining branches of government that actually excersise their power will be the supreme court and the executive branch. The Federal Branches will never check each other. And congress will never see an undeclared war as any concern, the presidency will never pass on any oppurtunity to get us in another war. 

  • Anonymous

    It amazes me how much Willie and his buddy Dick “Toe Sucker” Morris are looked up to after they are wrong in their predictions.

  • Jack

    An hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for ethics violations too.
    Newt does’t have supporters in the people who served with him in congress either. 

  • Jack

    Newt doesn’t oppose the NDAA…I can show you where Ron Paul does.

  • Jack

    Treason doth never prosper:what’s the reason? Why if it prosper, non dare call it treason.   Ovid

  • Europa

    The Wave Hits The Chief NeoCon.mp4 William Kristol

  • patriotsinger

    Bill Kristol is a zionist.

  • jaffi411

    Just a recommendation.  Run a malware/spyware scan on your computer.  While it is true that if you search “tom woods” on google it will say “this site may harm your computer”, after I did a scan it turned up 12 Google tracking cookies (i.e. spyware).  I no longer get a warning when I come here.  

  • jaffi411

    Scan for tracking cookies and spyware.  I did, no more warnings.  BTW, all 12 of the spyware tracking cookies were from Google.

  • Craig Hendon

    For fun, we need a similar cartoon depicting the predictions of that other New York Times know-it-all, Krugman.

  • Norman Bauer

    That is a broad generalization that from anecdotal experience tells me that it is mostly wrong. I know quite a few guys that have had extramarital affairs, who are very upstanding and trustworthy folks other wise. The emotion and irrational behavior that follows the male sex drive has to be considered as factors in a person’s willingness to ‘cheat’ as well as other factors such as long time disagreements between the spouse. 

    Newt is a bankrupt man in his positions and his decision making abilities, but I would not be so hasty in calling him out on his private life and infidelity. 

  • Rob Nabakowski

    As much as I loathe Newt, you have that backwards.  Newt, and congress, balanced the budget with Bill’s  help.

  • Anonymous

    That may not be the comic you wish to cite (to make your point).  A number of those predictions were right.  Every heard of the Arab spring?  How do you think it started?  At least 4 or 5 of the predictions there are correct.  2 others can’t be known for some time yet.  I’m no supporter of Bill Krystal but there are better ways of ridiculing him than this.

  • Anonymous

    How can he be this wrong and incompetent and still keep his job?  He must be a union member.

  • neocontrotsky

    Who is the biggest fool on Foxnews?  The guy who wants all privately held firearms banned, or the guy who wants RP gone and misses every major prediction, or the former tabloid gossip show host who pretends to be a journalist, or the political expert who had never heard that FDR made the Depression worse? 

    I really can’t decide.