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Big Media: Beware Meanie Tom Woods

27th January 2011      by: Tom Woods     

The media unloaded on nullification and on me the other day, naturally trying to portray me as a sinister figure with bad intentions.  Following a ludicrous summary of my career and views, the AP called me simply a “Kansas-based author,” not thinking it relevant, I guess, to mention that I have a Ph.D. in U.S. history from Columbia University.  All people need to know is that I live in Kansas.

Idaho Democrats are accusing me (and, by extension, Thomas Jefferson) of “sedition.”  Not the first time Jefferson has been accused of that.  They also refer to the “shameful history” of nullification.  Translation: we know nothing about the history of nullification except what we read in the Boston Globe.  May I cite the 100 million people killed by centralized states in the 20th century, or the incarceration of the Japanese in America, as evidence of the “shameful history” of the state, such that anyone who defends that institution must thereby support mass murder?

The guy in this video is not the person they are trying to portray in the media, which is part of the reason I’ll be making more of them.  Please spread it around.

Unlearn the Propaganda!

  • Anonymous

    Stay strong, Tom! You’re hitting the statists where it hurts; you’re showing people (whilst emboldening them) a way to neuter the state. Naturally, those that hold power are going to smear you, as you say.

    I got my first dose of true smears just a couple weeks ago when I posted about Wikileaks. I received all sorts of outrageous smears/threats, ranging from sodomy with a chainsaw to outright baseless character smears portrayed as fact. Honestly, it got me down for about a day, but then I had a realization similar to what you talked about in your video blog. I’ll be producing my own video blogs in the near future and yours played no small part in inspiring it. Keep up the good work! See you at CPAC!

    My Wikileaks blog-post: http://crushingbastards.org/blog/2011/01/04/i-am-a-us-air-force-intelligence-veteran-of-the-war-in-afghanistan-and-i-support-wikileaks/

  • http://entrescape.com Terry Noel

    Keep fighting the good fight, Tom.

  • Foolsama

    We love you, man – keep your chin up, and know that you have supporters who know what you really stand for!

  • http://twitter.com/BigelowDawg G

    Thanks Tom. It’s sad that so many are unable (or just unwilling) to do their own research and see the state sponsored propaganda for what it is.

    I’m reminded of the old saying “In the kingdom of lies, truth is treason.”

  • John

    Yes, make more videos! You’re enlightening, articulate and funny – everything the media hates because it makes it difficult for them to create a false narrative about a person.

    As Martin Luther King once said, “A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.” If the media had their way, we’d all be intellectually, morally and spiritually dead.

    And, of course, keep writing excellent books!

  • Rick Hanson

    Tom, you are just a Kansas-based author, like Jefferson was just a Virginia-based author. I wish I were a fly on the wall when a courtier brought the Declaration before King George III. He might have prefaced it by saying “Sire, this was written by the Virginia-based author Thomas Jefferson.”

  • BobRoddis

    Clearly, the only reason one could oppose nullification is because such person must secretly love the Fugitive Slave Act and the Alien and Sedition Act.

  • Anonymous

    I have a question, but first I want to tell you what I heard recently where I live (I live in Chicago). My father listens to Rush on the radio and I happened to be home at the time listening. The local news came on talking about what the Federal government is going to do to stop illegal immigration. At this time the radio played the voice of an Alderman from Chicago bringing up, what appeared to be Nullification, except he didn’t use the term. He mentioned how the City Council in 1850 passed legislation protecting fugitive slaves and that this is what the current City Council would do with regards to illegal immigrants.

    Whatever people’s position is on this issue, I couldn’t believe my ears! First thing that popped in my head was your book. I thought, did this guy read Tom’s book? My question: I know Wisconsin nullified various portions of the Fugitive Slave Law, but did Chicago do so as well?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Sanacore/1830522112 Adam Sanacore

    Perhaps they need to be reminded of Hitler. He was an enemy of States Rights, and look where that got Europe.

  • Anonymous

    I found that article and it was full of the usual garbage claims. You know what’d be cool? Just start numbering them off and refuting them – have a page listing them out. Then when these articles come out, you can snicker and reference their feeble shots at you: “Yeah, AP had *another* lame-ass attack piece. They tried a #4, a #18, #22, and a #34.”

  • Jake_nonphixion

    The zombies are coming out of the woodwork. You must be doing something right :) Keep it up Tom, you’ve inspired more people than you could ever know.

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