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Ben Swann on Nullification

12th December 2012      by: Tom Woods     

Ben Swann takes on Florida State Senator Don “Hang the Nullifiers” Gaetz, and quotes from my Nullification in the process.

Unlearn the Propaganda!

  • Nate

    Ben Swann is a champion!

  • Frank M

    Ben Swann does fine work. He has also become pretty popular for it, particularly since many in the Ron Paul Revolution adopted him back in 2011 during the GOP presidential debates. Swann deserves it. He stands up for the truth.

  • Brian McCandliss

    Nullification is only possible by the People of the state, since they, not the state’s government, are its supreme sovereign authority who also ratified the Constitution by their popular sovereign will; and James Madison clarified this fact in his “Report on the Virginia Resolutions” in January of 1800.

    Jackson was a mad-dog tyrant and ignoramus regarding American history, being the first president to officially claim that the states were merely districts of a single sovereign nation, not sovereign nations unto themselves; in fact I use the term “sovereign nation,” because that is the more familiar term with national sovereignty; meanwhile the term “state” in the USA has been reduced to mean “district” or “province” due to censorship of actual history

    As I explain in the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9cXwlDt6VU&feature=plcp , Jackson’s suppression of history infested the federal government for 28 years to enable the final suppression of state sovereignty under the Lincoln-coup, after which the truth was so thoroughly suppressed and smeared that it became the object of ridicule against the Unionism-dogma that the USA was always a sovereign nation– a claim which even Unionists today deny, but make the equally-absurd claim that the CONSTITUTION “merged” the states into a single nation, which I debunk here at http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/2009/12/11/amar-akhils-constitution/

    In conclusion, one must either proclaim that each state is a (popularly) sovereign nation by law, or else they concur with the regime that they are subordinate districts of a singular uber-nation called the United States of America. I really is that simple.

    However I will

  • Ronnie

    Mr. Woods,

    What is your opinion of the youtube video included in Brian McCandliss’s comment?

    I really would like to forward this.

  • Yuri Klevniko

    I hope you will keep this concise, eloquent video-essay available so as many timid semiliterate conformists as possible can be exposed to it. Even if they involuntarily wet themselves, they need to see it.

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