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Anti-Ron Dick Morris: The GOP Needs to Appeal to the Youth!

7th November 2012      by: Tom Woods     

Dick Morris, the political strategist who two days before the election predicted Romney would win with 325 electoral votes (he got 206), now says the GOP has got to start appealing to the youth and minorities. The candidate who did by far the best in both categories is not mentioned, but you probably knew that.

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  • Anonymous

    I hope he writes another book so we can all 1 star it on amazon.

  • Anonymous

    Once a toe sucker, always a toe sucker.

  • Anonymous

    Of course. The GOP must reach out to the youth and minorities, but then the youth and minorities will have to agree with the establishment GOP, the Neocons, social conservatives, the war on drugs, the NDAA, the Patriot Act. the never ending war on terror and so on. Other way around Dick.

  • Left Wing Mole

    Unfortunately, he means the Republican party should be more left wing to attract the voters away from the Demos. Once legalizing of cannabis and whatever social issue happens, the GOP is finally over.

  • redux1810

    Putting Morris and his pap aside, the demographic trends portend a very serious problem for the Misesian/constitutional government side. I’d love for Dr. Woods to chime in more on this issue. I just don’t believe that non-interventionism, End the Fed, and common sense on social issues will be enough to get people who depend on government checks while paying little to nothing in federal/state tax to side with us. Ron Paul et al. are clear in their correct goal of eventually eliminating the entire welfare state and bringing us back to at least 1920, and ideally 1820 :) We largely agree with that, but what of those masses of poor minorities and single women who voted for more stuff? How are you going to sell Mises and the Austrian business cycle to them exactly? And what about Asians, a group I seriously can’t figure as a core constituency of the neo-Stalinist/malcontent coalition. What do we do friends?

  • Anonymous

    Is drug legalization really left wing? Bill Buckley and Thomas Sowell have both argued against the drug war.

  • http://twitter.com/Nicendeth Nick Bagnall

    When on the inside, his reaction was more like this: (instant f-bomb alert)


  • http://twitter.com/Nicendeth Nick Bagnall

    Legalization is liberty. You like liberty, yes?

  • Anonymous

    Dick Morris is a reptilian political operator whose primary interest is getting media attention and a paycheck for hoodwinking the NeoCon rank and file. He greatly overestimated Republican strength in 2010 also. The guy is a slimy, self promoting, Zionist douche bag and (like most of his ilk) a libertarian hater. He can take this election and his phony prognostications and stick them in his ear. Why does anyone give him credibility?

  • Anonymous

    Of course.

  • Left Wing Mole

    You’re absolutely right. It really ought not to be. I don’t do drugs, personally, but I still advocate for legalization.

    The Republican Party would do well if they chose to be the party of legalization and end the drug war. There are more and more Republicans that would agree with Buckley and Sowell.

  • Left Wing Mole

    It’s moments like these that make me happy to be Ron Paul supporter. To her credit she recognized what happened.

    I would have thumbsed her up but she disabaled it.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a good clip from Sowell all the way back in 1984.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3YU52EINCBVVCOFOD5A5IHOJWA Bruce C

    Morris should write a new book. He has enough bad predictions on file to fill one.

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