All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars, Says Video

Someone sent me a video called “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.” Within three minutes I had to turn it off. It begins with a fake quotation from Ben Franklin, arguing that the most important driving force of the American Revolution was the British prohibition on paper money in the colonies. (Not to mention that the Currency Act was not even close to the driving force behind the Revolution.) Then the narrator quotes Rothschild, and this quotation is another fake. So the first two quotations of the whole video are unverified. Why should I keep watching?

My advice to Greenbackers: if the only sources for a quotation are other Greenbacker sites, it’s probably a fake. Have some decency as a researcher and seek out the actual source before repeating a quotation.

The narrator keeps emphasizing “private central bankers.” His problem is that the central banks aren’t socialistic enough? My problem is that they’re creations of government and are given government-granted special privileges. He libels the free-enterprise system by claiming that these government-privileged institutions are “private central banks.” They are not.

The gist of all this is that our problems stem from “private central banks,” and that if only we had fiat money being issued directly by government, we could live debt-free, have no war, etc.

Check out my “Why the Greenbackers Are Wrong,” which examines a couple of their major claims in detail.

And by the way, the topic raised in the video is not a foolish one, but it is handled in a cartoonish way, to say nothing of the inaccuracies. For a sound treatment of the question, read Murray Rothbard’s “Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy.”

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  • Rageius

    Tom, i have taken the time to read some of your pages and have one big question for you: whats the difference between someone who dislikes the fed and a greenbacker to you? It seems like theres nothing at all.
    So let’s get to brass tax: the federal reserve is a banking cartel which is neither government nor private. It’s soul purpose is to benefit it’s own members. When there are profits, it is spilt up between the owners and when there are loses, it is paid by the taxpayer. You may be right, the fed has an interest in the nation being wealthy and prosphorus (spelling sorry, once again im on my iphone) but in every scanario when its for the good of the people vs the banks that control rhe fed, the banks will choose themselves everytime. So why is it even part public? Because the politicians beneit from these banks, and not in a way that ends up good for the people overall.
    So mr. Woods, can i ask you why you associate every anti fed ideal to that of a greenbacker? I’m a libertarian myself, aswell as a lot of people who find out about this problem, but i don’t think our government needs to control the money supply to solve this problem. It seems like in every post you have against these people you seem to agree with the whole idea yet you focus on the weaker points. Add your usage of confusing banker language ment to fool people with over neccesarey words and your posts become clusterfucks that tend to have shill intelligent shill characteristics.

  • Richard Alan Russell

    tom woods, you are a fuck up that posted a 13 sentence counter to a 43 minute video. BAHHAHA. as a gay man, go lick a bloody pussy you lying, yellow-bellied shit fuck.


    16 sentence counter…

  • Jamie Sorensen

    Whenever someone starts their blog by saying “I had to turn it off after 3 minutes”, and then proceeds to “debunk” the entire film after admitting to not watching it, tells all. Woods debunked himself.

  • Jamie Sorensen

    That’s just making a statement. Saying a quotation is not true without proving it or posting the actual quotations proves nothing.

  • touchstone

    You can’t really make a judgement on a 43 minute video if you turned it off after 3 minutes.

  • Quantyze

    Looking at the comments here I think only your debunking has been debunked