A ‘Tribute Video’ to Ron Paul at the RNC

So Ron Paul can’t speak at the Republican Convention, but the neocons will air a tribute video about him that will portray him pretty much as the hangers-on themselves have always tried to portray him: as a good budget-balancer who wants transparency at the Fed. Writes Lew Rockwell:

The video will talk about Ron as a wonderful family man who delivered 4,000 babies; a long-term fighter for lower spending, a balanced budget, and Fed transparency, just like Romney and Ryan; a great congressional baseball player; and a super guy.

Austrian economics? War? Interventionism? The CIA? Militarism? The police state? Corporatism? Torture? Concentration camps? Sound money? Sound banking? Secret arrests and imprisonment? What are those? Oh, and Ron, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

When we find out who negotiated this pathetic deal, maybe we ought to criticize this person, instead of pretending for the gazillionth time that it’s all part of a secret plan to win the nomination, and that those of us on the outside should keep our mouths shut, since we’re not privy to all the inside information, etc.

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  • Luke Bailey

    Just another news item to piss me off today.

  • John Moore

    I’ll give you 3 guesses who negotiated it and you’ll only need one.

  • Anonymous

    Rand, randy, ………..or randall??

  • Anonymous

    The grass needs to grow………………………..and only 1 fertilizer will do !

  • Niklas

    What if Ron himself negotiated the deal? Isn’t that the most natural null hypothesis? Why would we treat him as a stupid child who does not know what’s going on around him, and represents just a puppet of evil Jesse Benton, or Rand or whoever…Who ever had done this, he is responsible. Period.

  • tired but determined


  • jinlv

    Nope it was Jessie I;d bet on that one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.viray Jordan Viray

    Unbelievable. For the want of a competent campaign manager, American peace and prosperity were lost.

  • Pete

    I just drove across the entire country and didn’t see a single Romney sign or bumper sticker. I saw a lot of Ron Paul’s name. It’s truly sad what the Establishment will do to remain paid and in charge.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSKETECBAFDEAUOUML4ICTKLAA Alex

    I’ve seen some people at the Paul site praising Obama and saying they’re voting for him. I’ve gotten used to how a lot of them won’t vote for Romney, I know a lot of them must have a lot of pro-Obama friends, but if they vote for Obama they’re Quislings working against our country. And a few didn’t seem aware of ACORN’s existence praising Obama.
    That’s unacceptable. Dr. Paul isn’t an Obama lover, why would any of his fans be? They think Romney’s worse than that arrogant, entitled, unlikeable jerk?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000696063583 Galloping Libertarian

    We were warned and nobody listened.

  • http://tomwoods.com Tom Woods

    A few of us listened; actually, a few of us knew all this. But there was not a thing we could do.

  • Sandra Crosnoe

    If his ideas are implemented — he actually won, but my guess is it won’t be that easy and it will take every last one of us the next four + years to keep the light on and expose the corruption and excessive spending up and down the ladder. Could we please start a push for Ron Paul for Secretary of Treasury? That would help~

  • DemarcheRP

    Or Tryge Olson? Is he still messed up in the campaign? Should’ve been gone long ago. Traitor. Trogan Horse. Turn Coat. Neocon….etc….

  • Veritas18

    Does the fact that the RNC will be airing a Ron Paul video mean that the Paul campaign and its delegates will not be attempting to gain a nomination from the floor?

  • musicmax

    Oh look a paid Romney plant hoping to be quoted by HuffingtonPost or RedState as “proof” that Paul supporters are really Obamatons in disguise.

    Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – at DailyPaul or RPF is either:

    (a) writing in Ron Paul (in my opinion a dumb strategy since most states don’t count write in votes);
    (b) voting for Gary Johnson (look: a guy who served as a Republican governor in a majority-Democrat state, for twice as long as Mitt Romney, and who didn’t lose his last election by 17 ponts;
    (c) staying home.

    Nobody from the RP support base is voting for Obozo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.finley.5686 Chuck Finley

    I am a delegate, I am going to Tampa, and my voice will be heard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFKZqbGRuxs

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Clobes/772274525 Brandon Clobes

    dang you can tell the boiling anger tom is in while writing this

  • Not Takin It No Moe

    It means that the RNC does not intend to have them on the floor, so they can’t gain nomination or anything else.

    I think this was done specifically to insult further those who espouse liberty. And it has done that.

  • Not Takin It No Moe

    We will be voting third party. Both (a) and (c) send my statistical message anywhere; both of them are counted as people who simply stayed home. That translates in the media and in history as “voter apathy.”

    I cannot bring myself to (b), having lived in NM when this man was governor. I don’t think he had any libertarian bones in his body until just after he left office, which is when his “legalize drugs” stance was first publicized.

    I believe we will be voting third party, just as Dr. Paul suggested last election. To me, that’s the equivalent of “none of the above,” and if done in large numbers, there is no way that the statistical results can be ignored.

  • dkmeller

    The Ron Paul/ libertarian/constitutionalist movement will grow, accelerate, and diversify whether the neocon sludge around the intended Stupid Party (GOP) nominee “celebrates” Ron Paul or not. Let Mitt Romney and Co, Inc have their fun for now. WE will have the final word.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSKETECBAFDEAUOUML4ICTKLAA Alex

    I saw some at the site say they were voting for Obama.
    Just because I don’t want Obama to win doesn’t mean I’m a surrogate.
    Why would I want approval from the Huffington Post? You know they don’t even like Romney?

  • Gil Jones

    Power, true power, occurs when FORCE and WISDOM are in parity. The GOP uses force, but lacks the wisdom of LIBERTY. The elites, not realizing the intrinsic value of both, uses one to destroy the other (picture a dog chasing its tail, or a coin slapping itself:) Shooting one’s foot has always been cause for laughter.

    Let’s create a ‘laugh-fest’ in Tampa. Goon-squads, dressed in their fear suits, with no where to go, see us for what they think is going to be a riot. Everyone sets cell alarms for same time, we approach, alarm cue goes off, everyone walks away while taking their picture! Create caption/pic contest, have fun being American!…Semper Fi

  • giavellireport

    The Republican National Convention Committee voted 56-40 to make it
    impossible for supporters of one presidential candidate to override the
    will of voters at a state convention, as Ron Paul supporters did in Iowa
    and Nevada. It is the end game for america. http://giavellireport.com/2012/08/24/cartoon-paul-tattoo/

  • Guthrie Wilson

    What a good idea
    I think Ron Paul
    Woke us up to our original values.
    I think it is good for us to collaborate as a nation by reading his books. If Ron Paul was president, they would have to take him out like they did Kennedy.
    That’s all we have to do is read his books. He made sense of it all for us. He outlines what it is we do as individuals.

  • Guthrie Wilson

    What do we do Music Max?
    What did Ron Paul say to do?

  • Guthrie Wilson

    Get involved on a local level.
    Ron Paul
    Read Ron Paul’s books
    Guthrie Wilson

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSKETECBAFDEAUOUML4ICTKLAA Alex

    Jim DeMint is a great man and a principled statesman who’s done our nation a service by fighting for small government every step of the way. There’s something seriously wrong with anybody who doesn’t recognize that.